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                        CCNU Held the Fifth Forum on Partial Differential Equations and Its Applications

                        Revision:Chen Lirui;Bai FangruiDate:2020/06/03

                        The fifth Forum on Partial Differential Equations (PDE) and Its Applications was held online on May 23rd24th, 2020. More than 30 well-known experts at home and abroad attended this forum, including Academician Jiang Song from the National Natural Science Fund of China, Professor Xin Zhouping from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Zhu Xiping from Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Han Qing from the University of Notre Dame, and so on. They gathered together online and exchanged ideas on nonlinear elliptic equations, critical points theory and non-smooth analysis, etc.

                        Vice President Peng Shuangjie at CCNU attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He introduced briefly the recent developments and achievements of CCNU and the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Academician Jiang Song and Professor Xin Zhouping delivered congratulatory speeches. The participants had discussions and exchanged ideas during the forum.

                        The Forum on Partial Differential Equation and Its Application is jointly proposed by the world-renowned mathematician Prof. Xin Zhouping from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Professor Deng Yinbin from CCNU as well. This forum has been held four times so far, aiming to provide an interactive platform for scholars interested in PDEs at home and abroad. It has not only promoted greatly the construction and reputation of the PDE group at CCNU, but also boosted the developments and prosperities of Chinese PDE researches.

                        Under the leadership of Prof. Peng Shuangjie, the PDE group at CCNU, including Professor Deng Yinbin, Professor Li Gongbao and Professor Yan Shusen as the core members, was selected as the first batch of “Huang Danian” Style Teacher’s team at CCNU. Under the constant developments of more than 30 years, the PDE group at CCNU has 4 national talents at present. Members of this group have host successively many national key projects, including 2 projects for Distinguished Young Scholars funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 3 key projects funded by NSFC. Furthermore, they have been rewarded with multiple awards, including 2 second prizes of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, 2 first prizes of Hubei Natural Science Award.

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