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                        International CCNU Alumni Stand With China

                        Revision:Xiong Kewei; Xiao YaoDate:2020/04/27

                        We have witnessed the gradual improvement in epidemic prevention. And there are a group of international alumni of CCNU calling on communities to raise supplies and hold on to their duties and responsibilities. They care about Wuhan, China, and are making their own contributions to the battle against the epidemic.

                        In late January, Kim Ran in Korea learnt about China’s peril. She called on alumni of CCNU in Korea to collect masks for hospitals in Wuhan, during which time insufficient backers and restricted transportation caused her a great deal of trouble. Eventually, their masks were successfully transported to Wuhan after experiencing many bumps on road.

                        More than a decade ago, she came to Beijing for study at first. Back then, Shanghai impressed her with the economic boom. As a postgraduate majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, she was inspired by Chinese culture and gradually developed a deep affection for China.

                        She practiced Chinese calligraphy at an early age. “There are not so many children in Korea able to learn Chinese characters and practice calligraphy at a young age”, she said. After graduating from CCNU, she opened a cram school in Busan where she spread the beauty of Chinese characters to more children. Due to the epidemic, face-to-face teaching couldn’t be carried out, but the students she taught were so passionate about Chinese language that they often asked when they could restart.

                        In 2011, Lydia from Botswana studied Psychology for her doctorate in CCNU. During the hard time, she canceled her plan of returning home and chose to stay in Xiangyang where she is working right now and said “I have been in China for 10 years and Wuhan is my home, too. I’m safe here. In this battle, I will face it with courage.”

                        During the outbreak, although she was quarantined in her apartment, the convenience of online shopping allowed her to obtain what she needed. Following instructions found on the Internet, she worked at full throttle and held to her position. “The sun is always on. Summer will come with victory.” She was proud of China, saying that China did a really good job and set a good example for the international community.

                        Graduating in 2014 from the School of Chinese Language and Literature of CCNU,Carmen Yavine Pires from Cape Verde worked in Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in Guangzhou. Together with her family, she actively cooperated with the local officials in the epidemic prevention.

                        China is her home and she believes in Chinese government. She always puts sense of reason, objectivity and justice at first. “This is a virus that respects no borders, and only with mutual understanding as well as willingness to help each other can we manage to suppress it ultimately,” she argued.

                        As far back as 2006, she formed a tight bond with China. Since she lived near the Embassy of China in Angola, she often helped the staff with their daily work and began to learn about China. From then on, her curiosity about China gradually accumulated. When she graduated, she chose to work in Consulate of Angola, Guangzhou without any hesitation, wishing to promote the friendly exchanges between China and African countries.

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