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                        The School of Chemistry Made Progress in Several Research

                        Revision:Lian Yu;Long Jiayue;Xiao Yao;Hu QiaoqiaoDate:2020/05/16

                        During the prevention and control period of COVID-19, the teachers and students from College of Chemistry carried out the spirits and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on epidemic prevention and control, overcoming the difficulties caused by the epidemic, strengthening the cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, and made great progress.

                        Since January 2020, Professor Zhang Lizhi’s research group has made two major breakthroughs in the field of electrocatalytic synthesis of ammonia. A single-atom interface polarization strategy is proposed by Professor Zhang’s team to promote NN activation and fracture. The results were published on Chem of Cell Press on February 13 and this paper was selected as the cover.

                        Professor Zhang co-designed a sub-surface oxygen doping-induced strain ruthenium nanocluster as a catalyst for electroreduction nitrate to ammonia in collaboration with Professor Jimmy C. Yu from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which achieves nearly 100% ammonia selectivity and higher ammonia synthesis rate than the Haber-Bosch method. The results were published on March 30 in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

                        February 13th, Advanced Materials published the research results of Professor Ouyang Shuxin co-operating with Tianjin University on CO2 reduction. A breakthrough in the field of low-dimension catalyst synthesis was achieved; Professor Ouyang and co-authors developed a photothermal synthesis technique which can introduce a large amount of oxygen vacancy as active sites for photothermal reduction of CO2 and meanwhile retain the ultrathin microstructure of In2O3 catalyst.

                        On February 26th, Nature Communications published the paper on activating low-temperature diesel oxidation by single-atom Pt on TiO2 nanowire array written by Professor Yanbing Guo’s team from School of Chemistry of CCNU and Professor Pu-Xian Gao’s team from University of Connecticut. Professor Yanbing Guo is co-first author.

                        In January, 2020, Briefing in Bioinformatics published two papers of Yang Guangfu’s team from the School of Chemistry. One of the them reported AIMMS, the world’s first universal and fast target resistance prediction cloud computing platform from scratch. The corresponding authors of the above two articles are Prof. Yang Guangfu and Prof. Hao Gefei.

                        In February 2020, Journal of Chemical Education, a top journal in chemistry education, published an article on transformation of education written by Prof. Guangfu Yang’s team as cover paper. In the teaching of “Drug Molecular Design”, the team incorporated the cheminformatics tool which was developed independently by them. It is also CCNU’s first teaching research result published in this journal. The corresponding authors are Professor Guangfu Yang and Professor Gefei Hao.

                        In March 2020, the well-known magazine ACS Nano in the field of nano research published the latest research results of Professor Guangfu Yang’s team on molecular diagnostics. This research provides a universal strategy for the development of intelligent sensing technology targeting biomacromolecules and has a broad clinical application prospect. The corresponding authors are Professor Guangfu Yang and Professor Wenchao Yang.

                        In the past five years, the average annual research funds of the School of Chemistry are about 26 million yuan. More than 200 papers are included in SCI every year and over 10 papers are published in other top journals.

                        The School of Chemistry has obtained more than 100 Chinese and international patents and 14 of them have been successfully adopted in practice with the cumulative transfer amount up to 17.64 million Yuan. And it also received many awards sponsored by Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Natural Science) of the Ministry of Education and so on.

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