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                        Educational Science Research Center


                        Educational Science Research Center (ESRC) is a multi-disciplinary scientific research platform targeting directly at the needs and goals of “First-class Disciplines Project”. Adopting the innovative structure of cross-disciplinary collaboration, it is a university-based scientific research platform that recognizes the developmental characteristics and disciplinary advantages of Central China Normal University. Focusing on the future needs of education development, ESRC utilizes Education and Information Technology as its solid foundation, cross-connecting multiple subjects including Psychology, Management and Statistics. ESRC organizes and integrates premium scientific research resources, gathering talented scholars from diverse research backgrounds to conduct collaborative research. It also provides professional supportive service at the same time.

                        ESRC has long been devoted to accumulate strengths from other educational science research institutions at home and abroad, and is making great efforts to become a world-class research base with top-ranking in China.

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